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Boy carries his companion Scarab,
The Macebearer meditates with regel Mantis.
Terrains meet between the spiritually widening chasms.

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'Mike has been crucial to our web-series in storyboarding, creating interactive content, designing logos and graphics, prop building, drawing concept art and overall being a helping hand when the show needed it...'

'What separates Michael from many other creatives that I have worked with is his commitment and follow through on any project.'

'Mike was working from nothing but a few notes from me about the concept and style of the show... nonetheless he came back with a fantastic poster design which was not only in line with my requirements – but even inspired future elements of the show'

IEEE Spectrum


The California Institute of Technology – Caltech

Nasa Innovative & Advances Concepts

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My work ethic:

I believe that the core skill of drawing can be applied in areas for concept versatility, and ambitious ideas should not start off too complicated. 

'To tailor visual design in the most efficient, communicative, and effective way possible.'

My focus rests on the fundamental basics of illustrative drawing, traditional skills, and high-quality concepts. I work in this way before I translate my work through editing and animation programs. Today, our technology is a very powerful tool to accompany the timeless skill of a well-versed draughtsman.

For the integrity of my own practice, my work aims to create timeless designs to work for your projects - large or small. I want to be proud of the work I do on behalf of clients entrusting me to carry out their projects. I believe that there is much to be gained with traditional knowledge in new systems of design, branding and motion works. 



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